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2009-05-01 05:05 pm
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Sinking feelings aboard the Seaview

Just testing out crossposting -- I'm one of those now on Dreamwidth. No, I'm not departing LJ.

Sitting here hoping the weather will break...maybe my headache will go away then. Just had to trundle around back, potentially freaking out my neighbor, to reset the circuit breaker on the twitchy circuit -- hopefully this is the last time for another year.

Meanwhile, I'm watching Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea -- some episodes from the third season. Oh, is this ever cheap. Curiously enough, though, it's entertaining in its awfulness.

I'm going to get a cup of tea and then go try and shake the headache again. Maybe I'll grumble at the world; goddess knows I've enough to grumble about.

Oh, if you're easily amused, go over to Peter David's blog where he's running segments of a thing called Potato Moon, which is a parody of a fan sequel to Stephenie Meyers' Twilight books (as well as a parody of the originals); this book, titled Russett Moon, got its author into legal trouble, whereafter she proclaimed some New Agey stuff about the global gestalt mind...which is where PAD comes into it. His idea...do a round-robin parody.

As I put it, it's pretty much Naked Came The Stranger for the sparklepire crowd. At last look, there were a couple of hundred people lining up for their shot. My segment is Part 9, and I have to say, it's hard writing like that. I hope it brings smiles and chuckles and a few brain cells floating upside down in the lakes of your brainpans.

I'm also waiting for Void Jumper: The Soundtrack to make it through the process at Jamendo, whereafter it'll be more easily available to the world. It's taking longer for this one than the other four albums I have on Jamendo.